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2010-Jul-2 14:30 - Bad Girl Bid'ness

ASStonishing Videos: 26:27 Minute Video of Tia Sweets

Tia Sweets may seem like a good lay, but she's a bad girl! So bad, in fact, that her sweet ass gets tossed into Booty jail so she can serve time for her crimes. But, like any smart inmate, she knows that the keys to her freedom are in the hands of someone on the inside. That someone happens to be the janitor! She offers to clean his pipes and he offers to set her free. It's not that bad a deal, either. Who wouldn't want to break Tia out of jail if she offered to break them off a piece of that sweet, pale ass?

Bad Girl Bid'ness Bad Girl Bid'ness

See More of Tia Sweets at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-Jun-25 14:30 - A Whole Lotta Assbition

ASStonishing Videos: 20:32 Minute Video of Kali Dreams

Kali Dreams has a lot of ambition. You might even call it, assbition. She wants to sing and she wants to dance. In fact, she winds and grinds for your viewing pleasure and her booty comes busting out of her pants. She has the kind of bubble that doesn't quit and she knows it, which is why she gives up that big, chocolate ass to this record exec. Cause she wants to be famous and sometimes to get to the top, you have to throw down the booty on some casting couch duty. Once she gets that ass creamed, watch her asshole pucker. It's like a preview of things to cum.

A Whole Lotta Assbition A Whole Lotta Assbition

See More of Kali Dreams at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-Jun-18 14:30 - Polka Dot Panties Show

ASStonishing Videos: 23:46 Minute Video of Roxy Reynolds

Roxy rhymes with foxy and there is a reason for that. This lady is fine! She likes it when you watch her, so she puts on a panty show like no other, trying on her favorite frilly and silky undies and making that bubble ass of hers shake. She gets nice and horny and invites this guy to suck on her asshole. He obliges and then she returns the favor with a sloppy and loud BJ. You'll love watching this horny, little lady on top because with every thrust her ass just wiggles! She gets banged and like a freak, she even asks to get her toes sucked! Once she has been thoroughly fucked, down to even having her ass crack fucked, she gets a healthy dose of cum all over her cheeks. She gladly plays with it and shakes her glazed buns like every hot girl should

Polka Dot Panties Show Polka Dot Panties Show

See More of Roxy Reynolds at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-Jun-11 14:30 - Sweet Little Lady

ASStonishing Videos: 17:37 Minute Video of Tia Sweets

Tia Sweets is sweet for three reasons. The first is her sweet, face. She looks like such a nice girl. The second is her sweet body and all it's dangerous curves. This lady has quite the bubble. And the last is her sweet BJ skills. She slobs (literally) on this knob, getting it all greased up with her spit, gagging on it and face fucking it with her pouty lips. And we all know that there is nothing like a sloppy BJ from a pretty, slutty chick. But that is not all that Tia has give in her sex skills set. She also backs that bubble up for some serious doggie-style. And she climbs on top of this stiff one, making her ass cheeks bounce one by one, you will love it. You'll love Tia's loud, raunchy-talking, ass-jiggling fuck style, especially when she gets her ass coated in hot cum.

Sweet Little Lady Sweet Little Lady

See More of Tia Sweets at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-Jun-4 14:30 - Waxin' Dat Ass

ASStonishing Videos: 20:09 Minute Video of Candace Von

Candace Von is built for banging! And we mean that in the nastiest, most-face-down-ass-up way possible. This lady is what you call a fuckin' freak! She lets us know that she is going to get her big ole' caboose coated in candle wax and then she is going to fuck like it's going out of style. And you know what? That is exactly what happens. She bends over and her asshole gets licked and spit in while she loves every single moment of it. And she is a giver, wrapping her lips around this guy's rod and sucking it down like she hasn't eaten in weeks. She blows him like only a true lover of blowjobs can. And then she rides him hard, too, because she loves that dick. And the sign of a real freak? When she hops off this dick for the sole purpose of putting it in her mouth to taste her own cunt! Candace Von deserves an award for her horny humping skills. She's a champ!

Waxin' Dat Ass Waxin' Dat Ass

See More of Candace Von at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-May-28 14:30 - Pussy for me, Ass for you!

ASStonishing Videos: 13:13 Minute Video of Leah Ray

Leah Ray likes to get fucked in the ass, but she needs to get all hot and bothered first. So, this mocha shorty is gonna plow her tight pussy with a toy so you can watch and stroke your cock. She gets on all fours and works her honey hole like a champion, slapping her wet pussy and piping her toy in and out of it. (You can hear her pussy gushing everytime she pumps that dildo in there.) But not to worry, because once she cums and gives that cunt of hers a real hard fucking, she spreads her cheeks wide and says her asshole is all yours. She's a giver, that Leah Ray!

Pussy for me, Ass for you! Pussy for me, Ass for you!

See More of Leah Ray at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-May-21 14:30 - Shake That Ass And Let Us See What You Got!

ASStonishing Videos: 15:12 Minute Video of Delotta Brown

Delotta Brown is a whole lotta woman and this thick and lush lady knows how to shake that ass and let you see what she is working with! She puts on her headphones and gets loose, dancing and making her booty pop and wiggle for your viewing pleasure. Imagine how amazing it would feel if she backed that thang up onto your cock and let her cheeks clap on your lap! Now don't get it twisted! This lady is not only storing some serious junk in her trunk, but she also has some big ole titties, too! She is built like the kind of lady who can take a pounding, if you know what we mean. And you know what they say about dancers being good in the sack because they have rhythm? Well Delotta is living proof because she dances just like she works her pussy and and furious! You'll love watching her spread her ass wide and make her asshole pucker.

Shake That Ass And Let Us See What You Got! Shake That Ass And Let Us See What You Got!

See More of Delotta Brown at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-May-14 14:30 - Hammered and Nailed

ASStonishing Videos: 19:48 Minute Video of Star Armani

Clad in booty shorts, thigh-high socks and some fuck-me heels, Star knows that you want to watch her ass do tricks. So even though she is supposed to be present to do some tool time repairs, she is going to work that booty and then she is going to work a tool, too. And by tool, we mean she is going to work a cock. Watch her suck a dildo drill. (YES! A dildo that's a power tool!) And obviously, that's practice for the main event, which is sucking dick. She gives BJ like a slut and then she gets plowed like one, too. Watch her scream and moan while she takes the pipe! She is obviously into construction because she gets hammered and nailed like no one's business.

Hammered and Nailed Hammered and Nailed

See More of Star Armani at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-May-7 14:30 - Beach Buns in the Sun

ASStonishing Videos: 10:22 Minute Video of Sapphira

"A man who knows how to treat my ass isn't going to be intimidated by it," said Sapphira Chanel. "If he likes my round ass, he's going to let me know it. He's going to handle it just right. He's going to kiss it just right. He's going to know that he can't just shove his finger in my ass without lubing me up a little and getting me relaxed first. Cause you have to romance this booty before you try and get it." It looks like Sapphira is nice and relaxed in this video...maybe it's time to wax that ass! A day at the beach will do that for a girl.

Beach Buns in the Sun Beach Buns in the Sun

See More of Sapphira at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-Apr-30 14:30 - I Have An Ass Fetish

ASStonishing Videos: 21:40 Minute Video of Laurie Vargas

"I have an ass fetish," said Laurie Vargas, a 23-year-old California girl (and college student). We assume that she isn't referring to her own ass, which gets well-fucked here, while she talks nasty in Spanish. These pictures and the video take us back to the 1970s, when porn starlets didn't shave their pussies. Laurie has a nice crop of bush, and the visual effect is startling when she has a cock in her ass and is staring straight at the camera. You will love this fiesty Latina, her ass and her XXX talent.

I Have An Ass Fetish I Have An Ass Fetish

See More of Laurie Vargas at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-Apr-23 14:30 - Do They Make My Ass Look Big?

ASStonishing Videos: 24:50 Minute Video of Mina Scarlett

Mina Scarlett is a dark and lovely Georgia peach who enjoys playing softball, basketball and cheerleading. She likes to shop, read and eat. Because she is built for banging, she also enjoys big cocks in her mouth and pussy and she says that she likes it when a man slaps her jiggly ass. She hopes to one day own a Bentley and if she fucks enough dick, she just might achieve that goal. We know what you are many cocks does a hot chick have to fuck in order to afford such an expensive luxury car? Well, Mina intends to find out, even if it means she has to tackle a plethora of cocks, one at a time. Watch as she takes another step towards her goal.

Do They Make My Ass Look Big? Do They Make My Ass Look Big?

See More of Mina Scarlett at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-Apr-21 14:30 - Greased Up To Get Down

Bootylicious March 2010: 41 Photos of Talana Gold

Welcome back, Talana. In the Aug. '08 issue you gave us all a sneak peek of your freaky side...

"[Laughs.] Yup! And I told you guys about how I liked to have sex. Well, I decided to come back and this time, instead of telling you, I am going to show you how I like to have sex. I thought it would be exciting to get my fuck on and show the world how I like to get oily and then kinky. And it was really good because the guy I had sex with was really into it and his dick was huge!"

When you have sex, what positions get you off the best? Do you like it when a guy plays with your asshole? Would you let him put it in your tight asshole?

"I never used to be into anything that remotely involved anal before, but now I am kind of considering it. I was watching a porno one night and I saw a girl getting banged and the guy was tapping his finger on her asshole while they were in doggie-style. I thought it would be fun to try, so I started playing with my asshole while I masturbate and it felt amazing. Especially when I am about to cum. I'll rub on my clit really fast and on my asshole at the same time and it does it for me."

So, did you just tap and rub your asshole or did you go all the way and stick a few of your horny fingers in there, too, Talana. You can tell us the truth.

"[Laughs.] Okay, okay...I started off rubbing on it, but then I got curious about fingering it, you know, 'cause it was starting to feel good. After I came a few times by rubbing my clit, I did put some fingers in my ass and you know what? I thought I wouldn't like it, but I really did. It made me cum even harder than I had before. And my fingers just slid right in. I even put a big toy in there and imagined how a cock would feel in there, too. I guess I might just be ready to try anal!

Greased Up To Get Down Greased Up To Get Down

See More of Talana Gold at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-Apr-16 14:30 - The Battle Of The Buns

ASStonishing Videos: 25:09 Minute Video of Skyy Black

Sometimes big-bottomed bitches have to bring the pain. And in this case, those bootied mamas happen to be Ms. Juicy and Skyy Black, two serious cumtenders!

These ladies start trash talking, saying that they are going to take each other out in the battle of the buns and beat each other's asses, literally. So, we give them boxing gloves and put them in the ring together, but instead of fucking each other up, they end up fucking each other. And the two guys who are egging them on. These ladies are more lovers than fighters and that's a-okay because we would rather watch them go 12 rounds with cocks in their mouths, pussies and asses. Let's get ready to rumble with these ladies as they take a twat licking tumble and a hard pounding!

The Battle Of The Buns The Battle Of The Buns

See More of Skyy Black at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-Apr-14 14:30 - Rump Referee

Bootylicious March 2010: 50 Photos of Sara Siren

Welcome back to BootyLicious, Sara. In the Dec. '09 issue you told us about the process for a guy to get into your ass. This time, we want to know your sexual fantasies.

"I have lots of dirty fantasies that I will be more than happy to tell you about. My favorite one is that I am tied up and licked and fucked by two guys. I don't mean just fucked one at a time, either. I would love them to be inside me at the same time. Maybe one of them could be fucking my mouth and one be drilling my wet pussy. Or maybe one guy could be in my ass and one be fucking my mouth. Being speared by two hard dicks is hot to fantasize about, I think. Especially when I want to rub one out."

We think that's a very hot fantasy to use for inspiration! Have you ever made that fantasy come true?

"[Laughs.] Let's just say that I have come close. I haven't had a threesome with two men, but I did have one with a man and a woman and it was probably the best sex that I have ever had. There was a lot of licking involved. She ate my pussy and he ate my asshole at the same time while I went crazy grinding and moaning. All that wetness and those two tongues forcing their way into my holes was amazing. I came from just the oral alone. Not to mention that I let her strap one on and fuck my tight asshole while I rode his cock like a wild woman. Women with strap-ons are another one of my favorite, dirty, little sexual fantasies."

Okay, so you like threesomes, you are into anal and you like it when women strap-on fake cocks and spear your asshole...we don't know about you, but to us, you sound like the perfect woman. Tell us another kinky fantasy of yours.

"[Laughs.] Well, I love to dress in costumes during sex. And I love burly men. And I live by a park where a bunch of guys play flag football on the weekends. So, one late afternoon I went out there in a little referee outfit and asked them if they needed someone to enforce the rules of the game for them. They all laughed, but one of them gave me a look that said he wanted to rip me apart. And he did. Right after the game at my apartment! And I wore the costume the whole time!"

Rump Referee Rump Referee

See More of Sara Siren at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-Apr-9 14:30 - Maid For Fucking

ASStonishing Videos: 24:00 Minute Video of Eva Gomez

Eva Gomez is quite possibly the shittiest maid of all time. She doesn't know how to dust. She doesn't do laundry. She can't even sweep. So what is she doing working as a maid for hire? Waiting for homeowners to come along so she can clean their pipes, naturally. You see, this horny chica wants to be speared by two cocks at once because she loves DP! So when these two college guys realize that she is not going to tidy up their place, they decide to get dirty with her and hose down her face. Watch booty banger, Eva Gomez in XXX anal action!

Maid For Fucking Maid For Fucking

See More of Eva Gomez at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-Apr-7 14:30 - Lush Latina

Bootylicious March 2010: 50 Photos of Nena Linda

On behalf of Latina booty lovers everywhere, we want to welcome you to BootyLicious magazine, Nena, and say that we think your ass is an A+!

"Well, thank you very much! I am very excited to be here because I have always been a fan of your magazine. I love ladies with big booties and so did my ex-boyfriend. We would look at your magazine together. I cannot believe that I am going to be in the magazine, too! At first I was really nervous but then I started thinking about all the guys who are going to see my naughty pictures and I got really excited. So eat your hearts out and love my pretty ass, all you horny men out there!"

You don't have anything to be nervous about. You're sexy!

"Thank you! You know how it is, though. People think that because you are a nice girl that you're a prude. Just because I'm a nice girl, I'm not supposed to get naked or spread my ass wide for strangers to jack their big, hard cocks to. I think that's crap! I think it's hot that men find me desirable. I may be a nice girl, but I love to be kinky. I get so horny sometimes that I have to masturbate in my car on the road!"

Lush Latina Lush Latina

See More of Nena Linda at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-Apr-2 14:30 - Booty On Wheels

ASStonishing Videos: 24:07 Minute Video of Caroline Pierce

Caroline is trying to learn how to skate when she falls down on her white, bubble ass. Luckily for her, there is a helpful stranger nearby who knows exactly what that booty needs to get better...a hot beef injection. Caroline may suck on inline skates, but this creamy-skinned cutie sure excels at sucking cock! She gives him the full treatment, working his shaft with her mouth and then mounting him for some cowgirl fucking. She milks this dude's boner with her snatch and lets that thunder ass jiggle. She takes a load on her freak cheeks and yeah, it doesn't make her a better skater, but it does remind her that she's a great fuck!

Booty On Wheels Booty On Wheels

See More of Caroline Pierce at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-Mar-31 14:30 - The Thong Team

Bootylicious March 2010: 30 Photos of Ms Juicy

Welcome back, ladies! We want to play on your team, Kelly!

"You should want to play on my team because I think that I am the MVP of all anal play! And let me just say that I loved making the movie Thong Team because we got to spend time in Miami and it is a very sexy city! I had so much fun doing this orgy scene, too, because Juicy and Skyy are amazing. Everywhere I turned there were big asses and hot titties. And hard dicks! I can't forget all of the hard dicks because they were so good. I really like being in orgies because you can do anything and everything goes and because in an orgy, it is all about pleasure."

Hi, Skyy! When we saw you in the Feb. '09 issue, you and Juicy were taking on two cocks and now you've added another pussy to that sex equation!

"[Laughs.] I told you in that issue and I will repeat it here, when it comes to sex, the more the merrier! This orgy was really wild because Juicy and Kelly love to fuck. I would get into the zone and start loving on the dick and then I would hear some crazy moaning and look over and see Kelly getting cock in her ass and see Juicy fingering herself watching us have sex and it would set me off! I came so many times during this scene that I had cum running down my thighs!"

What was your favorite scene for the Thong Team, Juicy? Did you finally give up that ass?

"No, I am still a booty virgin, but you never know. [Laughs.] I thought about giving up the ass during this scene because it was off the chain how raunchy it got. I loved it when the girls were getting dick and I was sitting back, touching my pussy and watching them get off. It is great to be a voyeur sometimes. But I wasn't touching myself and watching for too long because in no time Skyy was fingering and spitting in my pussy, getting me nice and wet and ready to get some hard cock. She loves to get nasty with girls, especially when there is a stiff dick waiting for us!"

Kelly, since you said that you are an MVP of anal, maybe you can tell us the best way to pop someone's ass cherry.

"Anal is something that people are wary to do because they think it's difficult to accomplish. The reality is that anal not only feels amazing, but you can also have incredible orgasms from it. The best way to get that ass for the first time is to stimulate the clit with a tongue or a vibrator until a woman has a few orgasms and then use good lube and just ease into the ass. If she cums a lot, she will be turned on and her asshole will be relaxed. The key is to make sure she is feeling good. Once that happens, you can stick your dick in her backdoor and she will love it!"

The Thong Team The Thong Team

See More of Ms Juicy at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-Mar-26 13:30 - The Booty Shop

ASStonishing Videos: 20:19 Minute Video of Ayana Angel

Ayana is a really good Samaritan. She sees a guy stranded on the road in front of her house and she helps him. She tells him that she is a mechanic, but the truth of the matter is that she just wants his hard junk in her big trunk. She takes one look at him and tells him that she has to get her equipment inside and then she proceeds to unleash his cock once they get in her house. She sucks like a champ, she fucks like a champ and she drains his dick like a champ. She may not be a good mechanic, hell, she may not even be a mechanic, but this lady knows how to work a tool!

The Booty Shop The Booty Shop

See More of Ayana Angel at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


2010-Mar-24 13:30 - Booty On The Balcony

Bootylicious March 2010: 50 Photos of Keita Eden

Welcome to BootyLicious, Keita. Your outfit is sexy and your thick ass makes us wild!

"Thank you for that compliment. I am so excited to be in your magazine! When I knew you guys were going to take my pictures, I went out and got a bunch of new, sexy outfits that I could wear for my photos. I like to shop and find things that hug my thick body and show off all my curves. I like it when women dress up and flaunt their bodies. You have to show your best assets right? Well, my asset is my tight waist and my thick ass, so I figured I would wear this little outfit for my debut. I???really hope that the guys reading the magazine think it's sexy, too!"

Do you dress up in sexy outfits for your men in the bedroom, too, Keita?

"I think it's important for a woman to get dressed up and do something special for her man. I like to put on some sexy lingerie and chill some champagne and wait for my man to get home from a long day at work. Then I like to let him relax by putting his hard cock in my mouth until it's nice and hard and ready to stuff in my juicy pussy. Of course I don't mind if my man wants to get himself a taste of my sweet ass, either. He can lick it, finger it and then slide his big dick inside of me!"

What else do you do to keep things hot during sex?

"It's all about being open to whatever a man wants to do in the bedroom. If he wants to get freaky, I am all for that. As long as he does me right and then sprays my ass with his cum so I can lick it all off. I love the way that cum tastes. So as long as he gives me that sweet, hot cum, I am down for whatever kinky things he is into."

What's your advice for the guys who want to hit it?

"It is tough for me because I have a booty that men can't ignore and a sex drive that most men can't handle. I need dick at least two times a day, which is tough sometimes 'cause men can't keep up. So, my advice for my admirers is to put in the work and give it to me so good that I won't even think twice about anyone else."

Booty On The Balcony Booty On The Balcony

See More of Keita Eden at BOOTYLICIOUSMAG.COM!


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